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This is the Student Podcast PODCAST, a podcast featuring great student podcasts. Each week we highlight student work and hear from their teachers about the challenges and successes of podcasting with their students. We believe elevating students’ voices beyond the classroom and sharing the lesson process will inspire others to get podcasting with their classes!

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Hosted by Monica Brady-Myerov

Monica is a 20-year veteran public radio reporter and the founder of Listenwise, an award winning tool for middle and high school students. Listenwise uses public radio to build and assess students’ critical listening skills to prepare them for the CAASPP and ELPAC. Get a free 30-day trial at

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Paul Gathold

Episode 4: Book Reports in Podcast Form

In this episode we go to Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough North Carolina and listen to Laura Isenhour’s class’s podcast discussions. In place of book reports, her Grade 10 English II class worked in groups and recorded their discussions about the non-fiction books they read. Students were given the flexibility to choose the style of podcast they wanted to create. Listen to hear clips from their discussions about “I am Malala” and “When I Was Puerto Rican”, along with Laura’s reflections on the project.

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Paul Gathold

Episode 3: History Lessons in Immigration 

In this episode you’ll head from Dan Kearney, an 8th grade history teacher who did a podcast series on immigration with his students. The series is called FalconCast, and all episodes were researched, written, recorded, and produced by the students at St. Mary's School, an IB World School in Orange County, California. Minka, the student featured in this episode, submitted her work to NPR’s student podcast challenge, where she was a finalist in the middle school category. This episode also explores a grading rubric for classroom podcast projects.

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Paul Gathold

Episode 2: Human Impacts of Catastrophic Events

This episode highlights students from Mr. Erik Eve’s 8th Grade Social Studies class at Lindenhurst Middle School in New York. For their first podcasting project, Erik’s students explored the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on their community. They did several podcasts covering hurricanes’ causes and effects, and even acted out mock-interviews with members of the community. The students recorded their work using the voice recorder app on their iPhones. Listen to hear excerpts of these podcasts, with reflections from Mr. Erik Eve and podcasting tips from Monica.

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Paul Gathold

Episode 1: Immigrant Journey Interviews

In this episode you’ll hear from Shalini Rao, a 5th Grade Teacher formerly at the Park School in Brookline, Massachusetts. Shalini used interview-style podcasting as a way to capture immigrant stories and bring the community into her classroom. Her students listened to high quality public radio stories as models for their work, and used GarageBand for editing and recording. Listen to two different student podcast samples and hear Monica point out great tips & tricks to podcasting alongside Shalini’s reflections for future podcast lessons.

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