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"To me, Listenwise is a way to develop students’ listening comprehension skills to understand content and also a vehicle to promote critical analysis of that content.
It’s just as much a thinking tool as a listening tool."


Jim Bentley, Elk grove unified school district, ca

npr listening exercises for the classroom

3 - 6 minute fascinating stories from NPR with built-in lesson plans and listening quizzes. Explore daily current event stories or standards-aligned lessons for ELA, Science, and Social Studies.

Academic language & Listening support

Listen to authentic academic language spoken in context. Additional supports include: Interactive transcripts, slower audio options, active listening organizers, and scaffolded instruction.

listening Comprehension assessments

Automatically scored multiple choice comprehension quizzes allow easy integration into instruction without additional testing time. User­-friendly data reports will show you how students are performing by listening strands. 

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Listenwise is the only program that builds listening comprehension skills to engage students and assess listening. Compare our plans and learn more about the program features. 
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How to Teach & Assess Listening


California educator, Michael Godsey, writes in The Atlantic about the impact of students reading transcripts while listening to podcasts. Ironically, podcasts can encourage students to read more.

Data shows practicing listening works! Our analyses from two classes of 31 students who took 8 Listenwise listening comprehension quizzes within a 2 month time frame shows improvement.

Listening Strategies

Integrate a few of these podcast teaching strategies into your instruction.

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