This is Teachable Moments – a podcast about why teachers teach. In this series we’ll hear directly from educators about important and sometimes challenging moments in their careers, and ultimately, what brings them joy in teaching. These are deeply personal stories that we hope will inspire you.

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Hosted by Monica Brady-Myerov & Sydney Johnson

Monica is a 20-year veteran public radio reporter and the founder of Listenwise, an award winning tool for middle and high school students. Listenwise uses public radio to build and assess students’ critical listening skills to prepare them for the CAASPP and ELPAC. Get a free 30-day trial at Listenwise.com.


Sydney is an assistant editor for EdSurge HigherEd, where she writes about the role and influence of technology and business in higher education. Prior to joining EdSurge, Sydney earned a B.A. and from University of California, Berkeley. She has written for San Francisco magazine, the East Bay Express, the Oakland Post and others.


Paul Gathold

Coming soon on March 26, 2019.

Episode 2: Reflections on Teaching On and Off Campus

The stories in this episode are about reflecting on teaching moments that don’t always happen in a classroom. You’ll hear from four educators who share how their philosophies around teaching were shaped by things that happened when they weren’t in front of the classroom. Some of these moments were experienced not as an instructor, but as a parent or a coach.

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Paul Gathold

Episode 1: Seeing Students Differently

In our first episode we hear from four teachers who all had personal impactful experiences connecting with a student and building new bridges of understanding. You’ll hear how one asking a simple question “Are you happy?” led to a deeper understanding of her student. Another connected with a student as a human being during recess. In each case teachers were surprised by an unexpected result.

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